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Systems Engineer - Blockchain Developer

Jersey City, NJ
 We are actively seeking a Block Chain developer to join our Global Technology, Team. The ideal candidate will be a leader and spokesperson in the enterprise concerning Blockchain technologies.

 The ideal candidate will demonstrate the ability to provide the correct method approach and act as our primary information source as we embark on our Blockchain integration. If Interested, please forward us your resume for consideration. We would be very excited to discuss this opportunity with you today!

Essential Duties:

* Design and actualize arrangements that utilization either "consent" or "open" chains for our customer base. 

* Rapidly create programming applications and stages utilizing Blockchain technology innovations.

* Provide specialized strategy and advice on utilizing Blockchain advances to maximize their potential. 

* Work crosswise with associates and teams to create Blockchain solutions for the enterprise. 

Preferred Training and Experience:
  • A degree in Computer Science/Mathematics or proportionate 
  • Experience growing on a level plane adaptable arrangements 
  • Have handy experience creating on Blockchain stages, for example,
  1. Hyperledger 
  2. R3
  3. Ethereum
  4. Ripple 
  5. PeerNova etc. 

* Preferred Technical Experience Continued:

Experience working with cryptographic conventions 

*    Experience with Java, .Net 

*    Experience utilizing Camel a positive 

*    Experience with RDBMS or NoSQL databases. 

*    Good Communication skills (written and spoken) a must. 

*    Understanding of the cryptographic standards supporting of Bitcoin 2.0 and Blockchain.

*    Mentoring and leadership background a positive! 

*    Familiarity utilizing Blockchain arrangements like Hyperledger or Ethereum.

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