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Resident Engineer (Infotainment systems)

Waterloo, IA
Position Description:
• Represent company as on-site resident engineer for program execution matters. This will include interacting with various levels of OEM engineers, OEM engineering manager, program team, OEM Supplier Quality Team, OEM Manufacturing, etc. to resolve issues and to help grow the business. • Create, release and follow up on work orders using OEM internal database. • Created, released and maintained Calibration files for vehicle lines and region. • Track and communicate part number, HW/SW build version, and cal files with company and OEM. • Lead weekly PDT to discuss open issues and lead them to resolution/closure in quick manor. Coordinating with all cross-functional teams within company. • Support and set up customer validation, integration testing with other modules. • Analyzed CAN based vehicle log files to debug system integration reported SW issues • Assisted OEM and company team in troubleshooting HW/SW system integration and map database issues. • Attended vehicle rides as part of HW/SW integration and functional evaluation • Attended vehicle rides as part of AM/FM and Satellite tuner reception evaluation • Lead communications for software issues (ESIMS, PRTs, CTF issues) between company and OEM. Including reporting and investigating the issue, identifying priorities, updating ESIMs/PRTS/CTF issues with root cause/solution, etc. • Identify build requirements for Benches, IVER, MVNS, MVS by working with company and OEM team. • Assisted manufacturing plants in troubleshooting product assembly build issues • Support specification discussed and negotiated changes working with company specification group. • Defined HMI display screen flows to efficiently meet functional specifications. • Lead HMI meetings with company team and customer. • Defined vehicle CAN, MOST and LIN based communication signal interfaces to component. • Supported sales staff in sourcing opportunities by technical and design reviews with OEM • Supported HW/SW design reviews and EMC design analysis. • Assist with discussing and finalizing the DV/PV test requirements including EMC test between OEM validation and Harman team. • Maintained OEM and component specification revision and change management • Communicating with customer, sales, development and assembly plan. • Collaborated with OEM in researching future technologies to meet market trends

Basic Qualifications: • Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) in Engineering, with a preference in Electrical Engineering. • 5+ years of experience as a resident engineer, ideally in the automotive sector with experience in infotainment/audio system. • Ideally experience working on-site at OEM with experience in releasing EWOs and Cals. • Ideally experience with automotive electronics, including printed circuit boards and components. • Ideally experience with software. • Ideally xperience with navigation mapping and services. • Ideally experience working on-site as a DRE with an OEM including familiarity with program terms, timing, etc. • Ideally xperience with analyzing CAN, MOST and LIN communication

Preferred Qualifications & Desired Competencies: • Automotive electronics knowledge. • Software development experience. • Navigation mapping and services experience. • Strong communication skills (written and oral). • Negotiation and influencing skills pursuing win/win positions. • Clear thinker with excellent judgment. • Well organized with ability to prioritize. • Self-motivation and discipline is absolutely critical. • Drive for results, team player, change orientation, customer focus and self-awareness are critical

5+ years of experience in the automotive sector with experience in infotainment/audio system.
Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) in Engineering, with a preference in Electrical Engineering.

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