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Supplier Quality Engineering Specialist

Chattanooga, Tennessee
This position will design and implement strategies necessary to ensure a successful new part supplier process that will prevent possible customer complaints in the development process. It will assure the reinforcement of the quality systems of the manufacturing processes from suppliers during the development of new products, serial production and from the field. This position is also responsible for managing all the needed steps to obtain customer satisfaction with the purchased parts

Skills and Experience:
  • 5-7 years of experience in similar roles
  • Strong knowledge of vehicle supplied parts
  • Strong understanding of quality systems and processes.
  • Knowledge of inspection techniques and methods (like DOE, 6 Sigma, CEP, etc.)
  • Fluent German language.
  • Strong knowledge of injection molding, painting and assembly
Preferred Skills:
  • International experience.
  • Knowledge of VW Group Systems.
  • Technical Knowledge of VW specifications/drawings/processes
  • Solve manufacturing and field complaints via monitoring and analysis of the quality problems, ensuring that the contingency and definitive measures are implemented assuring process stability and preventing these issues in the future.
  • Evaluate the initial samples and/or engineering change requests looking for product specification compliance, assuring the planning timelines correspond to the pre-series production vehicles, start of production and serial projects of new products.
  • Audit the product at the supplier and at the manufacturing line, making sure that it is specification compliant and the manufacturing process and quality can be granted.
  • Evaluate and authorize manufacturing processes and packaging related to the CKD logistic process, according to the corporate guidelines.
  • Apply methods like DOE, 6 Sigma, CEP (Closed-Ended Problems), etc. to analyze the root causes of complaints. Define technical factors to be used in the Warranty and Chargeback initiatives.
  • Coordinate with the suppliers the follow-up of projects to achieve the quality requirements and the stability of the processes. Define action plans to implement the needed improvements, based on the results.
  • Make proposals and manage the technical product/process improvements required for the brand.
  • Influence the development of new projects and technical concepts to achieve the continuous improvement of our product in the market.
  • Recommend technical product improvements evaluating risks and potential chances to avoid quality manufacturing issues, by comparing similar parts assembly line and field development.
  • Evaluate technical proposals (product and process) based on the information provided by simulations in the suppliers, in order to recommend new parts nominations that will grant the achievement of the timeline with the desired quality.
  • Developing, proposing, coordinating and representing concepts for quality-assuring activity/improvement programs with/at suppliers and pursuing the implementation of executed measures.
  • Developing drafts/analysis reports for each project key point as management information (regarding quality and schedules).
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