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EDI Developer

Raleigh, NC

EDI stands for electronic data interchange. It transmits an electronic text file or business information from one data processor to another without human interference. It also officially refers to a family of standards. EDI can also be regarded as a method display of a business conversation between two entities.
Key Responsibilities
EDI is the organized transmission of information or data between different firms by electronic means. It's something more than just e mail. Organizing client services and guiding abidance departments to finish all EDI work, providing everyday aid to decide all EDI transaction issues and performing tests and writing all the conclusions are EDI developer responsibilities. He also has the following duties -
  1. Troubleshoots FTP networking for all EDI situations, sets up and edits all SQL reports.
  2. Brings out and supervises all self loading scripts to guarantee effective EDI document travel.
  3. Monitors effective working of all the given projects, manages various departments to provide efficiency for support staff, makes all EDI maps, business procedures and works out all the execution issues.
  4. Gears up and enforces all cost advice reference papers and takes part in different test developments, enforcement plans, strategies and supervises all communication for projects as per work plan.
  5. Deals with all the scheme or system designs and follows through new designs and helps to enforce brand for all the new clients.
  6.  cooperates with non EDI sources to fix, design and implement all the answers for the same, and makes all data map to guarantee effective management of all dealings.
  7.  provides help to all the e-trade dealings and the trade units in same processes and comes up with an update on architecture if needed.
  8.  performs tests on all fresh user interface and transactions to figure out all business problems, provides support to user interfaces, and procedures for efficient drainage of data, and maintains all alteration requests and consolidation projects.
  9.  offers help in other back up systems and repair tasks.
  10.  heads projects that support the EDI techie regions, and helps the other projects as characterized by the team lead of applications development.
  11. functions as a direct liaison with fundamental users in limited structural areas of the trade.
  12.  installs and builds the techie situation and all user interfaces between CF task and outer trading partners.
  13.  supervises EDI procedures and daily functions to ensure best performance, completeness and superiority.
  14.  reasons, designs, develops, and enforces new EDI procedures and the changes to fresh and active EDI clients.
  1.  should have the capability of taking initiatives and make self-directed conclusions.
  2.  must have a degree or diploma in IT from an acknowledged post graduate university.
  3.  should have 5 years of expertise in programming application software, computer programing, design methodology and systems investigation abilities within the area of the systems development life cycle epistemology.
  4. Having RPG programming knowledge and outstanding perception of the system is needed.
  5. Lot of hand on experience with data communication methods, such as VAN, FTP, AS2 is required.
  6. Working experience with Query/400, IFS, PDM, SQL, and other IBM provided tools.
  7. Transportation cognition and expertise would be regarded as an asset.
  8. Good verbal and written communication skills.
  9. Experienced with ANSI x 12 EDI standard and motor career EDI documents, inclusive of EDI 204/211,210,214.
  10. He should know the basic accounting concepts and have knowledge about computer systems like Python, Pentaho Kettle, Linux, SQL stored procedure development, Oracle E-Commerce Gateway, Sterling Integrator Clustering and Java.
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