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SAP Redwood

Las Vegas, NV
 Title       - SAP Redwood

Location  - Las Vegas, NV

Comments/Major Purpose         
We find java development experience helpful because the Redwood platform is built on Java and Redwood’s scripting language in the tool is actually Java with some additional custom libraries specific for Redwood. Therefore, any time a developer wants to do some advanced development in Redwood, they would be using Redwood Script (Java). 
Some additional skills outside of Java that would be helpful would be:
  • SOAP / REST web service integration experience
  • SQL
  • Understanding of networking protocols (TCP/IP, Network Security, etc.)
  • OS level security (Windows/Unix)
Job Description
  • They are implementing a customer billing application, job scheduling on the mainframe, they also do file transfers. As they come online with this new SAP application, they will need to schedule jobs
  • Tivoli workload scheduler- IBM product (batch run/batch job scheduling)
  • They need someone who is adept as using Redwood (SAP Job Scheduling Platform) They will need to bring a person in to sit on the project
  • Formulate the new job schedule, interface with the existing interface team, when they add new jobs into the application
  • SAP expertise to create this and work with the scheduling team, train the existing scheduling team on Redwood
  • More functional, the implementation of Redwood- SAP CPS
  • Set up job schedules and then function as a scheduling analyst monitor batch processing and educate existing team
  • They will need to do set up and config
  • Migrated from Tivoli in the past (they have Tivoli in the house) coming from a mainframe solution
  • Accenture is implementing an SAP CPS, Redwood, replacing their mainframe solution
  • They want to bring in an SAP Redwood functional SME to do initial setup/configuration, as well as train the internal team
  • +File Transfers to and from external entities
  • +Will need batch job scheduling (using Tivoli now) (Tivoli migration is a plus)
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