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Cobol Programmer

Lansing, MI
Title - Cobol Programer
Location - Lansing, MI
Emp. Type - Long term contract
This position entails a minimum of three years of experience in computer programming writing COBOL code, the ability to write code from program specifications provided by a senior applications analyst, the ability to take direction and instruction from a senior applications analyst and write program specifications, and the ability to design and execute unit level and system level testing for programs written in COBOL.
Other requirements are the following:
- Ability to write COBOL programs, SQL queries, call functions, and subroutines from libraries is required.
- Ability to write code that processes flat files in a batch job environment
- Excellent teamwork and communication skills
- Analytical and Critical Thinking skills
- Testing Skills
- Proficient in Microsoft Office software
- Personally accountable and flexible to meet assignment deadlines.
ECL knowledge
Documentation skills
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